What is the purpose of the assessment?

The assessment you undertake will provide your Beilby Consultant and our client with an objective, independent appraisal of your reasoning abilities, occupational interests and personality. This information will be considered along with your work history, interview and references to allow an informed appreciation of your personal strengths and development potential. In short, the assessment will help us gain a more accurate understand of how you are likely to perform in the position for which you have applied.

What are reasoning and psychological tests?

They are professionally developed and validated measuring instruments. Our occupational tests and questionnaires have been specifically designed to measure the extent of your problem-solving abilities and your natural working style relative to other people. Unlike exams you may have taken at school or university there is no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ to any of these tests. We will consider your personal profile in the context of a given position specification. You will neither be recruited nor rejected for a position on the basis of your test results alone. Instead, the information arising from your assessment and counselling discussion will contribute towards an overall evaluation of you as a person.

How can I prepare myself?

You cannot study for the assessment but here are some tips:

Will I receive feedback on my test results?

Yes. If requested Beilby will provide you with a typed report summarising your test results. There is no charge for this report. We hope it will assist you in your personal and career development.

Who else will have access to my test results?

Apart from your Beilby Consultant and our client contact, no one will have access to your test results without your specific permission. We retain your test results for a period of time in case you wish to make use of them.

Some key points to remember.