Why Women are Effective Leaders

For the third year running, consultant and workforce diversity expert Conrad Liveris gathered data on the CEOs of 200 of Australia’s largest companies and published his findings to coincide with International Women’s Day. Unfortunately, what he found was not a happy female empowerment story.

It was that these major 200 companies were more likely to be run by a man named John, David or Peter than a woman. And, that the number of female CEOs of these companies had dropped from the previous two years.

Sadly, this type of disparity between the sexes is observed around the world and in many other spheres – not just business. In our current political climate; activism, feminism and human rights issues are highlighted more than ever, increasingly by pop culture, however, the number of women in high level management positions is still desperately low.

So, we thought why not dedicate this post to the fabulous women leaders we know? We talked to our staff and collated a list of reasons why women are great leaders. Take a look and perhaps, take a moment to thank a woman leader in your life.


We guess that urban myth ‘Women are better multitaskers’ holds some truth. We’ve noticed that women leaders are better with organisation and time management. They get their work done and fast!

Communication and feedback

As reported by Zenger Folkman, women are more likely to ask for feedback and ways to improve their performance – not just at the start of their careers, like men. Women’s open style of communication and their dedication to self-development makes for better results and more team involvement.

Achieving in the Face of Adversity

Many people, both men and women, find inspiration in other peoples’ stories of triumph over adversity. Often, women at the top have had a harder career journey than their male counterparts. Adversity often leads to staff respect, trust and admiration. When leaders have fought their way to their high-flying position, this makes them more relatable to their staff.


Lastly, we think that women leaders show a lot of compassion for their fellow colleagues. They show interest in our lives and seem genuine in their care for the people they work with. This makes for leaders that truly believe in an ‘open door’ policy.





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