Each client engagement is individually tailored to develop successful outcomes for that challenge. Each executive candidate is unique in their style, motivation and expectations. Our methodology is flexible in meeting these needs however it is focused on a process of excellence.

Assignment Specification – We develop a deep understanding of your organisation’s goals, targets and culture. We scope the executive candidate’s competencies, responsibilities, KPIs and remuneration to develop a comprehensive assignment brief and organisational profile to provide to candidates.

Research and Market Mapping – We create an exhaustive list of potential industry, organisational and individual targets for consideration. Our research process is distilled to a list of executive candidate biographies for analysis in a long list review.

Executive Candidate Experience – We formulate appropriate executive candidate communication strategies and engagement methodologies which articulate a rigorous process and maximise their exposure to your organisation’s employer brand.

Competency Based Interview – We develop targeted interview processes for each individual assignment to the requirements of your executive appointment. Questions are developed from the assignment specification to address the agreed key job competencies. The interview will incorporate the CBI (circumstance, behaviour, impact) methodology to deliver measurable outcomes.

Psychometric Assessment – All shortlisted candidates are required to undertake a series of objective reasoning tests and in-depth psychological appraisals to reliably profile their personal qualities and to determine how well they will fit your position and your business culture. Our organisational psychologists will design an assessment package for the specific role and your organisational culture.

Work Simulation Exercise – The purpose of the work simulation exercise is to provide the participant ‘real life’ work scenarios, in which they are presented with, and are required to respond to role specific tasks.

Reference Checks – As a mandatory part of the process, exhaustive reference checks are conducted. These aim to identify reasons why candidates should be eliminated from consideration, rather than justification for giving them the job.

We don’t do boilerplate reference checks. We utilise information gathered from the screening process, including psychometric assessment, to tailor questions to focus on specific areas of concern raised during the screening process.

Background Checks – we utilise service partners to provide a range of in depth background checks to ensure the integrity of the candidates we recommend.

360 Review – We conduct a 360 review of the candidate’s performance after 6 months in the job, working with the candidate and your organisation to help manage candidate performance and growth in the role.

Two year performance guarantee – Such is the confidence in our ability to understand both your and our executive candidate’s needs, and the rigour and reliability of our process that we offer a two year performance replacement guarantee