IWD 2019 – Meet Denise, National General Manager – Government for Beilby Recruitment.

Meet Denise, National General Manager – Government for Beilby Recruitment.

As the National GM Government, I am responsible for the strategic direction, operational initiatives and sales targets of the Beilby Government practice. I have a team of 15+ consultants and administration support in WA and NT who I work with to achieve, and regularly exceed, our sales targets.

Within a client delivery context, I also act as panel member / scribe for government recruitment processes, am the Contract Manager for the WA Government Common User Agreement and responsible for responding to all tender requests both in WA and NT.

I am extremely lucky to enjoy my work; I’m supported by a great team and have many highlights to recount.

I’m very proud of the practice’s growth since I joined Beilby 15 years ago. Our client base has grown massively since then and we now regularly service WA government agencies and NT.  From a team management perspective, I have had absolute support and autonomy to build and manage my team in the best way I see fit. There isn’t anything I don’t feel I can’t ask and even if the answer is ‘no’ there is always justification behind it.

From a client delivery perspective stand-outs for me are the requests I regularly receive from clients who specifically want me to support them with their recruitment needs and also my role in securing and managing 9 high volume bulk recruitment processes for the WA Department of Justice since 2016 and four similarly high volume processes with NT Correctional Services since 2018. These processes attract 100’s of applications and recently resulted in the WA team conducting 90+ interviews across just 5 days!

Receiving positive feedback from panel chairs on my personal performance, and that of the consultants, is also a worthy highlight and one that keeps me motivated.

Any challenges? It can be a challenge to find a balance between work delivery and management of my team and encouraging our clients to utilise the services of less familiar consultants within the team. I like to have control of all aspects and enjoy working with our clients – so sometimes it’s hard to step back. But with the level of confidence I have in my team’s ability, their professionalism and the trust the clients have in my recommendations, I am managing to find more time to assist the team and work more strategically across the business.

Any advice? Find a role you love and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to applicants when recruiting new members to your team. Treat everyone with respect – remember – everyone has a role to play. Make sure to provide clear, effective and decisive communication.

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