How to Become a Career Chameleon

Chameleons have to be one of the most curious creatures to ever roam the earth. With their bulbous eyes moving around all independently and their colour changing skin able to transform into a range of psychedelic hues, these lizard wonders must surely stick out like a sore thumb in nature? On the contrary, it is these qualities that make chameleons extremely adaptable to change and have allowed their species to thrive for a very long time.

The ability to adapt to change is not only essential to lizards surviving in the wild, but it is essential in business and important for the longevity of your career.

Nowadays in the workplace everyone thinks they need to be a “unicorn”. Popularly conjured up in fields like IT, communications and product management, these mythical workhorses are the master of all and the expert at everything in their field (and beyond).  And while it would be great to be great at everything and know it all – and you can certainly take steps to be as knowledgeable as possible – here’s the thing: unicorns aren’t real. But do you know what is real? Chameleons! And you have a much better chance at nailing the chameleon ways of adaptability.

Career adaptability can be learnt and practiced, and can lead to career satisfaction, promotions and overall career success. There are many qualities that make up best and most adaptable career chameleons.

The top 3 tendencies of Career Chameleons:

Concern for the future

Career chameleons are focussed on the future. This doesn’t mean having your head up in the clouds, but rather thinking strategically about the steps you’re taking in your career now and how they are paving a path for your future. Prepare for upcoming career tasks and challenges, and make sure you are building skills that will be important as your field changes.

Control and acceptance

Chameleons are experts at shaping themselves to their environment, and you can prepare yourself for changes in your world by taking control of your circumstances and preparing for what comes next with persistence and self-discipline. On the flipside, don’t dwell on what you can’t control, your energy is better spent elsewhere.

Curiosity and confidence

The working world is in a constant state of change and there’s not a business out there that can say for sure what their business will look like in five years time and what roles they will need filled. Exercise your curiosity and don’t be afraid to imagine yourself in different roles and scenarios. A clear idea about you want to achieve in your career is great, but the confidence to explore different future options for yourself is the key to happiness and success in your career.

With the business world in such a volatile state, there’s never been a more important time to be a chameleon – the types of expertise businesses need to recruit for, and the business offerings themselves are all up for change. For every Jurassic industry and service out there, there’s a colour-shifting start up or app hot on its heels. So go ahead, shed your old skin, try on a new colour for size, and take a look around in every direction.



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