Hack Your Way To A Better Career With These Unmissable Tech Tools

Jobseeking in the 21st century is no mean feat. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of job listings sites. You’re expected to manage a personal brand. And your social media footprint is forever.

This can be daunting – but also exposes job hunters to new opportunities. New roles are invented on a near daily basis. Working remotely or flexibly is an accepted choice. And the technology that powers a lot of these new jobs will also help you find them.

Not sure where to begin? Well here’s a rundown of some of the free tools you could start using today.

Maximise the space in an application form with LinkTree or About.Me

Online application forms can be a pain, with a limited word count. To show off a bit more of yourself, you can set up a free profile page on about.me. Or, if one link is not enough, use linktr.ee to signpost recruiters to your different socials, projects or websites.

Project manage your search with JobHero or Trello

Planning is pivotal to success.  JobHero is a free-to-use project management tool specifically for jobseekers, whilst Trello is one of the simplest and easy-to-use. These tools make it easier to manage and visualise your job search.

Manage your applications in your inbox with Streak

It can get confusing to manage multiple job applications. Emails get muddled, different contacts from the same company cross wires and you end up stuck in the middle. Streak acts as a CRM system in your inbox, so you can group and categorise email threads, and even put them in a pipeline (complete with notes and actions).

Keep track of roles or specific jobs boards with a bookmarking tool like Pocket

When your job search begins to become a multi-platform affair, its easy to lose bookmarks or links you’ve saved to check later. A bookmarking tool that works across devices acts as a central storage locker. We recommend Pocket, which is free and lets you tag content for better organisation.

Research potential salaries and employers with GlassDoor and Payscale

Once you’ve got an interview lined up, you have to begin thinking about the kind of company you want to work at – and what wage you should negotiate. GlassDoor is like a TripAdvisor for organisations, where employees rate and describe the culture. There’s a lot of information online. Using global and local pay data, Payscale Australia shows average industry wages, putting you in a more informed position to negotiate from.

Tailor your resume with JobScan

It’s important to customise your resume and cover letter for each job, but it can be tricky to know how sometimes. Jobscan lets you check your resume matches the job description using the same software that many recruiters use to skim applications.

Write better cover letters with Hemingway

Carefully customising your cover letter to show your suitability for the role is hard enough. But your cover letter must be readable – and good writing is hard-learned skill. To keep it to the point and structured, Hemingway helps you write in the terse style of Ernest himself. It also flags common problems, like passive voice and over-complex language.



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